The province of Salerno is a set of singular emotions. It is the beauty of its coastal areas. It is the charm of an ancient history. It is the scent of an untouched nature. And it is for this that fascinates and conquers every time you enter in his land. Very little is needed to discover the magic. The mountains of the Apennines, the authentic monuments of nature, are the setting for a reality sweet sea breezes, small bays and coves, unspoilt coastline, waterways surrounded by green forests, picturesque villages, places of a distant history, ancient traditions, of things made with love. Nothing is missing. And if the charm of the coast catches the eye of the world, the hinterland takes the soul of the one who explores. The wonder coastline of beaches, cliffs and enchanting caves, overlooking a sea which is an infinite sphere of colors, anticipates the splendor of the interior landscape. Green valleys crossed by the waters of the Sarno, with Picentini and Lattari to guard, landscapes drawn from geometric fields that stands out the intense red of San Marzano tomatoes. A welcoming, offering its guests the flavors and fragrances, stillness and silence, while he tells his story through between villas, churches and castles, folk traditions and cultural events. A generous nature that he has not forgotten any corner of Salerno. When you cross the boundaries of the Cilento, if it has the certezza.Pareti rock hewn caves and gorges, white beaches, Mediterranean vegetation and a sea of ​​innumerable shades. So is the Cilento Coast, which stretches from Acropolis to Sapri, passing through many picturesque villages rich in history. Moving away from the sea, you enter the heart of the National Park, a treasure trove of natural treasures, where the green intensifies with forests of oak, maple, ash and chestnut trees, the mountains give way to dense beech forests. A world of contrasts bound together by the harmony of a unique nature. A trip to this land remains imprinted in the memories of the heart, protected by a love that will bring you again into the lands of Salerno