New Year Event

In ancient Greece there was god Dionysus while in Roman Empire there was god Baccus. Dionysus and Baccus were twins and both gods of wine and party! Between the end of December and the beginning of January, people organized a special celebration in honour of the 2 gods : Dionysiae and Baccanalia. These celebrations were a moment of fun and liberation of the senses. Through the centuries, ancient gods were forgotten and celebrations did not take place any more. But now things are gonna change!
Like the gods of their ancient fathers, AEGEE Ioannina and AEGEE Salerno are twins (do you remember AgorAsturias?) and decided to bring back this old tradition.
This december, prophecies are coming true.
30 elected AEGEEans will celebrate the dioNYsiaE once again!!
Cups will be filled, bottles will be emptied, hearts will be shaken!!

From 29th December till 4th of January the twin antennae of Salerno and Ioannina are organizing a New Year’s Eve Event made of Gods and Stars! In these 7 days (and nights!) you will have the chance to learn more about these two cultures and their common glorious history in the cult of Dionysos, the God of Wine, Theatre and Joy!

The Fee of 170 Euros includes :

Accommodation in hostel in the city centre for 6 nights, with real bed, wordrobe, bedside table, towels, blanket and Wi-Fi
Official t-shirt of the event
Welcome pack
2 meals per day (breakfast + dinner) (breakfast will be offered even on the departure day)
City Tour in Salerno with the best X-mas Lights in Europe
Social programme
Toga party!
Private internal transportation
31 December in the Italian Way! Aperitif in the afternoon, typical Italian dinner for the end of the year named ‘’cenone’’ (menu will be available soon) and epic party!
Brunch for the 1st of the Year
Trip to Naples (private bus, X-mas Lights in Naples,Lungomare in Naples )
Trip to Pompeii with a private bus
Entrance in the Ruins of Pompeii
The crazy AEGEE-spirit of an ItalianGreek Twinning!

Open Call !!

In this part of the year Salerno is a top destination for the New Year’s beginning! For the 10th year in a row Salerno is gonna have ‘’Luci D’Artista’’, an epic amount of X-mas Lights you have never seen before. Don’t miss the opportunity to become one of the elected that will experience the great return of the dioNYsiaE : apply, don’t be shy!!! Even Gods will choose Salerno this New Year’s Eve!!
If you want to contact us for more information send us in: