Franck Biancheri Award 2018

It is our pleasure to announce that AEGEE-Salerno has won the Franck Biancheri Award 2018!
For those who don’t know, this is an award for the organisation of a european event based on Franck Biancheri’s vision about Europe, concerning the democratization of European decision-making processes.
So, every year, starting from 2014, a different AEGEE antenna is holding a conference on the aforementioned theme.
It is a huge honour for us to represent and commemorate his willings and vision as he is the founder of AEGEE and ispiration to the Erasmus, and has been a notorious politician committed in spreading europtimism.
The title of the conference will be Representation NEEDS Participation.

Franck Biancheri Award 2018
Franck Biancheri Award 2018

Several sources witness this great result achieved by AEGEE-Salerno:

Some members of AEGEE-Salerno, collaborating with several Erasmus students, decided to make a cool promo video.
Check it out:

Here we are all together!
FBA 2018 Salerno group picture

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