Erasmus: We are here for You!

Are you a new Erasmus student ?
Are you worried about what is going to happen this year ?
Never mind! We are here for YOU!

AEGEE-Salerno is the ONLY international association agreed upon the Università degli Studi di Salerno.
Our aim is to make your experience UNFORGETTABLE!
How can we do this ?


When you arrive in Salerno and after your registration in the International Office, yo will come to our desk (as the office is the same for us) and we let you choose your room among a great variety of trustworthy owners. Just tell us your preference, for example: low price, position, single/double room, wifi, etc.

If you would like to live off campus during your time at the University of Salerno the Student’ Union AEGEE SALERNO will be pleased to help you upon your arrival by assisting you to find suitable accommodation.
The city of Salerno is about 16 km. away from the Campus and is easily accessible by buses, which run every 20 minutes to and from the Campus.
The cost in private rented rooms is about € 250 in a single room and € 200 in a double room plus gas, electricity and water bills. You will also be asked to pay a deposit which will not be refunded if you damage the property or leave it in an untidy state when you leave.
The main purposes of AEGEE Salerno are:
– to assist incoming students to find suitable accommodation;
– to promote and speed up their integration process.


Only for you, our association has a lot of promotions in every kind of shops or activities.
Do you want to drink a cheap cocktail ? Or to eat something typical for a low price ?
We suggest to you where to go… just take our aegee salerno bracelet and enjoy Salerno!!!


We know Erasmus is first an international exchange between universities, but we are sure that you would like to visit all Italy as well!!!
So, what are you waiting for ??? Reserve your place for the trips that we organize throughout the year. Rome, Florence, Venice will not be just a postcard in your mind anymore.


What to say ?! Let’s party with us!
Forget your problems, drink, dance and meet new people!
We ensure that you will never give up to have fun with us… GUARANTEED 😀


As you know, the University organizes many projects such as TANDEM. It comes from the European Union and you can only apply for it through our association.
Besides this, we give you a lot of opportunities not to only study our subjects but even to improve your skills for your post-degree life!