06.02 – AEGEE-Salerno: Cineforum – A Greener Heart



Our cineforum wants to meet you again at Marea to discuss about society and environment and how they affect each other.

After the projection of the 4 short docu-films, we will have an open discussion together with the rapresentatives of the national, local and european realities such as:

– Legambiente: An Italian non-profit organization founded in 1980. It’s the most prominent and widespread environmental association in Italy with two headquarters in Rome and Milan, 20 regional coordination offices and more than 600 local groups of volunteers. Legambiente is a pacifist and independent movement and is not related to any Italian party or institution.

– Voglio Un Mondo Pulito: A group of volunteers who organize and meet for clean-ups in Salerno province.
– Green Heart Foundation: The primary focus of Green Heart Foundation / Fondation Coeur Vert is reforestation and environmental protection in all regions of the world in order to help restore balance in nature and to promote dignified and decent living conditions – especially for rural populations.
– WorldPeaceLab Poland
From the ideator, producer and scientific curator Professor Pasquale Policastro

The short docu-films:

“Great Green Wall – Africa for Africa”
The docu-film is about the Community of Sahel States project, supported by the African Union, whose purpose is to stop desertification.
For 10 years, young Africans went to the desert during their holidays to plant trees. Over the course of a few days, many hectars of land transformed into a future forest giving hope for a better life to future local generations.

“Planting in Syer”
A follow up short docu-film on “Great Green Wall” project.
Self-financed young volunteers planted over 6,000 hectares of Acacia trees; 2/3 only in the municipality of Syer, Senegal.

The “Fondation Coeur Vert”
was created to support environmental reform in Africa and worldwide.
In Europe, the University of Szezecin was the first organization to recognize the commitment made by the foundation’s young people as a new transnational model of citizen participation for the protection of the biosphere in the world as a common heritage of all humanity.

“Afforestation – Arouca”
In recent years, in Europe we registered more and more fires. Located places are Portugal, South of Italy and Greece. While, in other areas of Europe such as Poland we registered interesting forestry technical resources.

Less than 4,000 people live in the Italian city of Tiriolo, located between two seas, in the province of Catanzaro. Around the beautiful town once dense forests stretched, in which native fauna and flora flourished. However, in recent decades, due to many accidental and intentional fires, this place turned into a rocky, cold and not friendly area.
Now, some residents refused to come to terms with this and together with professionals from Poland they decided to plant trees.