About AEGEE-Salerno


We are AEGEE association, one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisation and through our activities we empower students and young people in Europe to take an active role in society.
Aegee-Salerno can help you for every problem or question concerning your Erasmus:
1. Find an accomodation in Salerno;
2. Organization of events during your Erasmus (tour, trip, party and much more);
3. Any information about university,classes etc.;
4. Provide discount in restaurant, pub, bar etc. Through our local conventions;
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Phone: +39 089 96 24 82
Fax: +39 089962487
E – mail: boardaegeesalerno@gmail.com
AEGEE – Salerno facebook page:   www.facebook.com/aegeesalerno

We are pleased to welcome you in Erasmus office from monday to friday (not on Wednesday!)

from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

We’re waiting for you!!!

Where we are?

Università degli Studi di Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132 – 84084 Fisciano (SA) – Italy
“Relazioni Internazionali – Erasmus” office